Smoked Wild Turkey

This past Spring I had the opportunity to travel to Nebraska for a turkey hunt with the Aim Low Team. I managed to shoot my first turkey with my bow in less than 20 mins after stepping into the blind. It was so rewarding to accomplish the goal I had been working toward for months. A few months prior to this shoot, I could barely pull back a child’s bow.  All of my hard work had finally paid off. I smoked a turkey breast stuffed with wild rice and freshly picked mushrooms. I served it with jalapeños that I picked from our garden, stuffed, wrapped in bacon and smoked.  I am proud to have the ability and skills to harvest my own food to share with friends and family. 

Late Season Success

My intention for tonight’s blog was to share one of my successful hunting experiences from earlier this year.  However, on my way home from work, I received game changing texts from my boyfriend. His first text informed me that he was hunting behind the house. Approximately 20 minutes later I was simply alerted, “got one”.  The mundane dreary, Winter Monday evening I had expected quickly turned into a welcomed interruption. I arrived home in time to assist Robin in tracking the deer, filming the recovery and storing it for the evening. Unfortunately, I did not have time to gather my camera for high quality photographs. I did however snap a few photos with my camera on my phone. This photo does not do justice in relating the feelings experienced in a successful hunt.  



imageI have a newly founded passion for bow hunting and fishing. I am fortunate enough to be mentored by a team of Archery Pro Staffers. I travel with the Aim Low Productions team; filming hunting trips, taking photographs and hunting. My goals for this blog are to share my hunting experiences, provide wild game recipes and encourage others to develop a passion for bow hunting and fishing. My involvement in archery has motivated me to work on increasing my physical strength and has provided the necessary experiences to nurture my emotional health. I feel inspired to share the healthy lifestyle bow hunting has provided me. I believe sharing my adventures and success will motivate others develop an appreciation for hunting and the conservation of our wildlife.